About Us

Welcome to Maison H - House Of Harshman.

Harshman Singh was born in Tehran, Iran - a country known for its rich culture and heritage, and was his first visual introduction to the world of art. He wasn't only born amidst art but also brought up in a palpable and inspiringly art-imbibed environment. His childhood home in Iran, tastefully decorated by his mother was a masterpiece of Parisian royalty, right out of history books. It included handicrafts of Iran; from detailed carpets to layered curtain drapes, intricately carved furniture, chandeliers with cascading crystals, and exquisitely detailed cutlery, hand-painted and hand-carved in silver. Harshman was surrounded by a canvas of royal aesthetics from the very beginning, and this got him acquainted with artisans and craftsmen. This exposure trained his eyes to seek the finest; a source of inspiration that has stuck with him throughout. In a lot of his designs to date, precise hand-embroidery stands as one of his strongest tools when it comes to aesthetics. 

With his natural flair in art backed by a strong background in the same, it was natural Harshman was destined for a creative career path. He pursued an undergraduate program in Fashion Studies from Pearl Academy, New Delhi (2011-2015). During this period he made the most of every chance he got to explore the world of design. He attended summer schools in Milan and Paris mainly focusing on fashion business and luxury design. He also interned with reputed Indian designers while at study. In 2016, Harshman moved to Dubai to work under an Emirati designer. From being surrounded by the art & culture of Iran for the first 15 years of his life to his fashion studies in the Indian subcontinent, to summer schools in Europe, and experiences in the Middle East, Harshman's journey opened multiple vistas. He explored different cultures, people, their art, history and their evolution to a distinct modern lifestyle. His interest in modern luxury, a finer way of life and wellness, intrigued him and are a major source of inspiration for his design aesthetics. He moved back to India in 2019 and launched his own label Maison H, based in Gurugram, Haryana. Maison H  “House of Harshman” is an invitation to his cultural and artistic experience that he has accrued in time. Maison H is a home - safe, warm and welcoming to patrons who take pleasure in finesse and the finest. The styles created at Maison H are a reflection of various cultures in modern Indian silhouettes. Harshman beautifully incorporates from his memories, inspirations and visions, utterly unique designs into ensembles that are to die for. 

An ever-evolving saga of elegance, aplomb, charm and extravagance; come experience all of this through a sartorial embrace with arms and doors wide open at Maison H.